I started experimenting with tips because I wasn't happy with what was available. I tried milk duds, but they still had a tendancy to glaze and they took a lot of attention with a scuffer and that was part of what I wanted to avoid.

I did a lot of research, but to be perfectly honest, I learned a lot by accident and trial and error also.

Once I had a tip that would hit well and hold chalk and wouldn't mushroom or glaze, some friends asked me to make them some. Then friends of friends.  

Now I make them available to anyone.

Caliber tips start as an Elk Master. They go through a seven step process over ten days. The resulting tip is a medium to medium hard hitting tip that actually does what the more expensive multi layered tips claim to do.  Try one.

I noticed that Chris at Outsville Products was headed in the same direction I was with his kitech line of tips and contacted him to see if he was finding the same things I was. Interestingly, not only was he learning the same things I was about tips, but because of his chemistry background, he was several steps ahead of me. 

Speaking to him about tips lead me to also try the Great White Chalk and eventually, we decided to sell the product here.

In addition to the kitech tips and Great White Chalk, Outsville also produces the Hammerhead break/jump tip which is the best I have tried, and the Accurack template racks which are used at the U.S. Open in Virginia. Because of the material they use, they don't jump and change the direction of balls as they are broken, and the design allows you to get all balls frozen much easier. 

We are proud to offer these products to all of our valued customers here at Caliberbilliards.com and we also welcome dealer inquiries for the Western United States.