Caliber tips are a single layered processed pool and billiard cue tips. They hit between medium and medium hard, won’t mushroom, and hold chalk like a much softer tip. They require very little maintenance and impart spin as well as any multi layered tip available

After trying just about every cue tip out there, I started to experiment with processing my cue tips before installation. Through trial and error, I finally came up with a process that produced the hit I wanted without sacrificing spin. It took almost twenty years, but I finally came up with a formula that did what I wanted in 2014.

Listening to all the talk about cue tips these days might convince you that you need to get your tips from some mysterious backroom scientist in Japan where they glue multiple layers of pig skin together and magically make a tip that will make all your shots for you.  The truth is, adding layers of leather and glue doesn’t make a tip hit better, and you can buy a tip that hits as well as anything being made, from a company right here in Southern California.

If you are looking for a cue tip that will make shots for you, you will not find it. The best we can hope to find is a tip that doesn’t cause you to miss. A consistent hitting cue tip that holds its shape and adheres to the chalk you apply is what we strive for. 

Building a better cue tip is a seven step process that increases porosity and hardness at the same time. This means our cue tips hit better and hold chalk better than other tips costing twice as much.

Every pool player wants a cue tip to hit consistently without miscuing. When chalked normally, Caliber tips “hold” the cue ball better than others. That allows you to impart more spin while staying closer to the center of the cue ball, reducing miscues.

Reliability and longevity is our goal. Caliber tips hit better and last longer.  Try one.  You’ll never pay extra for more layers and glue again.